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Data – the new gold of our times

Does the term GDPR ring a bell with you? Like most people, it probably does, but, like most people, you’re probably unsure what its purpose is. Also, what’s the deal with those annoying cookie banners that have made their way, rather unsuccessfully, into our daily lives in the seemingly vast galaxy of the online world – a world that no longer seems as enormous and wide as it did some 30 years ago?

Well, all our activities and movements on the World Wide Web, however brief and insignificant they might appear, leave behind traces – proverbial crumbs called cookies – that are worth their weight in gold to many companies. The value of this ‘gold’ is firmly anchored in data, which gives companies precise, and thus vital, information about our consumption or user behaviour, our interests and our social circumstances. These useful nuggets help companies generate profit, even if they come at the cost of manipulation. So it seems obvious that this valuable asset should be well protected.

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